Bamboo Toilet Rolls


Premium 100% Bamboo Toilet Rolls made with 100% forest friendly bamboo.


Hate changing the toilet roll?

Our rolls: 370 sheets.

Average rolls: 180 sheets.

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Let’s get to the point. These rolls last SO much longer. Our softest loo roll ever— it’s like wiping with clouds. Made with 100% forest friendly bamboo fibres. No inks, dyes or scents

Luxurious trois-ply (that’s 3-ply in French, darling)

Your interior decorator will thank you.

The individual roll wrappers are great for garden composting. Of course, they are always fit to recycle too. Or use it to make crafts! We love crafts.

50% of Who Gives A Crap’s profits donated to fund sanitation projects.

Plastic free and biodegradable, of course.

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# of Rolls

4 Rolls, 8 Rolls


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